Ian Monk Consultancy (IMC) specialises in working with influence and discretion across all media to promote and protect reputation.

We offer high level strategic consultancy, delivering crisis and issues management solutions to clients for whom control of reputation and management of profile are crucial.

Our clients include high net worth individuals, politicians, businessmen and leading law firms whose clients become involved in UK and global litigation.

IMC harnesses the synergies of new and traditional media to combat reputational threats and create opportunities to enhance clients’ profile. Utilising contacts at the highest level across all media platforms, we build, enhance and protect reputation by creating media strategies which shape and direct perceptions.

Following a journalistic career at the top level of the Daily Mail and other national newspapers, Ian Monk has worked as a PR professional for 15 years delivering aggressive, creative and successful outcomes.

IMC works in close partnership with law firms and with media regulators in securing effective redress and dispute resolution on behalf of clients.