IMA is a leading media consultancy specialising in building and managing profile for individuals, corporates and brands across all media platforms. Our services also include brokering media deals around exclusive intellectual property, copy writing, editing and media monitoring.

We are retained by numerous high worth and high profile individuals and brands for whom the timing and placement of targeted publicity needs constantly to be weighed against the protection and enhancement of reputation both on and offline.

Our current clients include leading figures from the world of sport, business, politics and entertainment. meet our current clients

Reputation, Knowledge and Experience

Our reputation, knowledge and experience give us direct access to proprietors, editors opinion formers and writers across all media platforms. We understand that social media means that everyone today can be a publisher and that this brings both  potential benefits and perils to the business of reputation.

Our deep journalistic ability and legal knowledge means that we are ideally equipped to advise on all aspects of social media content. At the same time we recognise that traditional print and broadcast media, including its online reach, retains a crucial role in determining reputation.

This combined knowledge, insight and access enables us to create and implement clearly defined publicity campaigns focussing on delivering clear key messages which enhance and protect reputation across all target audiences.

It also gives us real expertise in delivering crisis management solutions through media relations. When appropriate we utilise our close working partnerships with leading law firms and regulatory bodies such as the Press Complaints Commission and Ofcom.

We understand that what stays out of the media is often as important to our clients as what goes in and we also provide them with constant media intelligence and monitoring across all platforms.

Wherever possible we aim to avert a media crisis rather than manage it after it has happened. However, if necessary we will always manage a crisis to achieve the best possible outcome, including proper redress, while maintaining positive future relations between clients and the media.

Consultancy on a 24/7 basis

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We recognise that the media is around the clock fact of life and we offer consultancy on a 24/7 basis. This ensures constant representation of our clients’ best interests at all times.

Whatever the comms challenge, our solutions embrace the best strategic advice and practical remedies for all issues of media relations, publicity and crisis management.

Ian Monk also writes a regular column in PR Week